Useful links and where to get support

Police Care UK - Charity merger PDTrust and National Police Fund, providing welfare support for injured officers, whether physical or psychological

Police charities UK - List of many police charities in one place


Disabled Police Association – This is a national body representing disability support networks from police forces across the UK. Their main aim is to promote equality of opportunity for disabled people working within the extended police family

Service Dogs UK – This charity trains and provides assistance dogs to support members of the Armed Forces and Emergency Services (and Coast Guard & RNLI) who have PTSD.  They currently operate in Hampshire, Sussex and Surrey and hope to be able to go nationwide within 5 years

IODPA -   The Injury On Duty Pensioners Association is a charity providing information and support to officers injured on duty (physical and psychological) with a focus on injury on duty award reviews and appeals

First Light Trust -  Practical support for former emergency services and veterans.  “Feel like you’ve fallen through the net and don’t know which way to turn? Do you have depression, anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), or other mental health issues? Are you hungry or homeless? Are you struggling to get off drugs or alcohol?”

Call 4 backup – Charity signposting police officers and staff where to get legal, financial and wellbeing support

Police Dependents Trust – A charity which also funds private mental health care for officers in the unlikely event they are sectioned

Police Treatment Centre – The charity runs a two week psychological wellbeing programme
PFOA – Police Firearm Officers Association is a charity able to provide welfare support to members who are serving or retired AFOs, dog handlers, tactical commanders and taser officers

Welfare Support Programme in association with POLFED and PFOA - Officers involved in death or serious injury incidents that result in post-incident investigations or those who are suspended from duty can now access to the Federation’s Welfare Support Programme (WSP). They have a 24/7 helpline

Mind – The charity facilitates the Blue Light Programme for emergency services.  You can call, email or text their confidential Blue Light Infoline; just for emergency service staff, volunteers and their families. Trained advisors provide understanding, information and signposting to local support services.

Mind Legal Advice Line

Pilgrim Bandits, Registered Charity for military and emergency services - 

Curtis Palmer Programme - Pilgrim Bandits recognises the dangerous and often stressful work carried out by the Policing Family. We understand that PTSD, stress and mental health related issues have increased within the Police and Emergency services. Officers nationwide are also daily suffering injuries, some life changing. Having worked for many years helping our Armed Forces servicemen and women suffering similar issues we have decided to extend our remit of help to the Policing family. The Charity is developing short and long term help/training via its expeditions and training programmes which will support the Policing Family. We are naming this project the “Curtis Palmer Programme” after an officer we helped with a brain tumour whose dying wish was to do a parachute jump. Our Mantra for the Armed Forces personnel we help is “Always a little further” and we believe that now extends too the Policing family

DMWS - Defence Medical Welfare Service, independent and confidential welfare service available 24/7 on 365 days a year. We operate in hospitals and recovery centres across the UK, Germany and Cyprus for serving Armed Forces personnel, veterans and families and our Police Medical Welfare Service is currently available in Hampshire and Avon & Somerset.

Our Blue Light - Supporting Emergency & Essential workers with their mental health & wellbeing


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