Why Choose Us?

Testimonials from the Charity Safe Horizon UK Nov. 2014- Jan.2020

"SHUK is invaluable...a buoyancy aid to a drowning person in a storm. Knowing that support is there is priceless"

"Thank you for your help and incredible devotion. We may be a quiet bunch but you know precisely why that is, but don't think we're not taking notice. What you do matters very much....being a conduit for so many of us to share advice and experiences with one another serves to alleviate a lot of stress, worry, paranoia and confusion.  SHUK has been of enormous benefit to me (and my wife who has the patience of a saint) and your book helped immensely with confirmation and corroboration of what I was experiencing.  Don't doubt your contribution. It is greatly appreciated."


"Your devotion to each one of us is done with intricacy.  You see our unique difficulties and help us in every way you can; and that's what makes us keep moving forward."


"I'm so glad you kept on with the charity, you were such a help when I was in a dark place, just knowing that one person was on your side saw me crawl out of that darkness xxx"


"It's great to have your insight and that I can trust, always trust that you speak from a perspective of care and support"


"you're an angel in disguise, a modern day Florence Nightingale.....The help you give to PTSD sufferers is above and beyond"

"you offer lots of hope where people are drowning in despair" 


"I'm overwhelmed by how supportive and understanding you are, this world is surely a better place by having someone like you in it."

"SHUK & Claire, I am here I am sure because of your support and help."

"Thanks Claire Carter,......As my son would say 'you're like the Hulk, but a really good, person sized Hulk who only uses his massive powers to do good nice things."

'The support and understanding you gave stopped me from taking steps to end my life'

"I can't thank you enough... you're a modern day Florence Nightingale for us Officers... it's 100% true"

"Thank you all and especially Claire. Your support kept me going when I’d lost all hope."

"Claire, you are such an inspiration and have helped me do much. I could not have been where I was today without your help and intervention. I would have been a lamb to the slaughter and probably worse. I will always be in your debt"

"As usual, Claire saves the day. You are like a rainbow at the end of a very big storm. Thank you for being there xx"

"You are the absolute polar-opposite of selfish, your help and guidance cannot  be compared, your motives are the purist, the modern-day Florence Nightingale"

"it's down to people like you Claire.... there's no way back now. You have played a massive part. Without people like you (and others I know), nothing would be changing. I know at times you've had doubts if you are achieving anything. The police are like an oil tanker..very slow moving and cumbersome but you've achieved something by getting that oil tanker to turn round and move in a different direction."


"When my husband was finally diagnosed with PTSD after an accident on duty I felt overwhelmed and alone, having looked without success for local support groups, I was feeling very despondent until we found SHUK: the help and support from Claire and the other partners has been invaluable and has given me the strength to keep battling on and focusing on the future"


"Your words are so resonant and inspirational for me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your insight. My CBT has started and I am moving forward and looking for the ‘good’ stuff to keep the balance. Change is starting but I know it will be a long journey. Your words help that process immensely."

"I don't see SHUK as a charity but as a bespoke service for those who are lost in the world that we live. You give so much. I guess in simple terms, like an awesome tour guide helping us on this confusing journey."

"Have to say the support and understanding from Claire is a breath of fresh air. Years of mistrust for the establishment are hard to move away from"

"I feel incredibly fortunate to have had someone like Claire in my corner from the start because advocating for my husband has been the toughest fight of all. You cannot put a price on the 1:1 support, advice and guidance that I received from Claire. Her own lived experience makes her an expert not just in the formal procedures with the employer but also in the emotional, human side of things. Very quickly, Claire became my rock, my source of support that helped me to keep going when I felt like giving up. Advocating for my husband has evolved from a sprint to a marathon, and Claire has been by my side coaching me to keep on going."

"You're an Angel who's stepped in when others stepped away. The help you give my colleagues when they're at their lowest and most vulnerable is truly amazing and life changing. You are more needed and well thought of than you could ever know!!"

"A huge thank you for what you have done and what you continue to do, at huge personal cost to yourself. I know that for me you were a flicker of light in my very dark world. And from the start someone ‘who got it’ without even knowing the circumstances.. thank you, thank you, thank you. X"


“This group is invaluable in enabling us to learn and share and support each other because we all can relate to policing and mental health issues. Let's continue to share what works for us and encourage and support each other on our journeys where ever we are. You honestly give me strength. I’m not alone. I’m a survivor.”

"I feel I have to say you are the most positive, efficient and genuine person I have ever encountered!!! Thank you, you have given me confidence"

Thanks Claire. I really couldn't have got through this past year without finding you and the group. You were my last resort and by god, am I glad I found you by chance on that lucky google search!. I will be forever grateful to you and the group helping to keep me sane in the darkest hours. Keeping my head straight has helped me and helped keep my husband alive. Thank you x

"I think your expert knowledge is invaluable to Police Officers. You really are an angel. Thank you for being there for us."

"Huge thank you to Claire for all your hard work, help and support whilst running SHUK. You’ve helped save many souls and shown us the way forward."


"As the wife of a Police Officer with PTSD, I cannot explain how Safe Horizon and Claire have helped me.  Not only have I gained more understanding of my husbands' condition, I also have gained an inner strength to help him fight a flawed and broken system.  Claire is an inspiration as are all the other members of SHUK.  I feel truly blessed to have found SHUK and ever grateful to Claire for having seen the requirement of such an invaluable resource"

"Thanks again Claire for being my support and my advocate, you are a strong person and I am feeding off your strengths, positive actions and solid advice.  You have made the difference to me as prior to being introduced to Safe Horizon UK I was at an all time low and about to give up.  I know you are there for me and you have done more for me than anyone else throughout this nightmare situation.  So thank you Claire and Safe Horizon for your unrelenting dedication to me and my family, I will never be able to thank you enough for all that you have done and continue to do for us.  It is comforting to know that you are there for me and my family Claire, your genuine care, unrelenting commitment and support has given me confidence and hope.  I don't know where I would be without you and Safe Horizon UK."

"An angel to us nowhere men"

"You are a beacon in a place of poor visibility" 

“No involvement or direct input from the police service gives it credibility. For me the biggest plus is that Claire has been through the PTSD roller coaster with her husband and as such comes from an informed and knowledgeable background.  I feel the charity is for me the best, most trusted independent PTSD charity and has in its own way helped me through one of the worst and darkest times of my entire life.”