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Book reviews:

Chief Constable Andy Rhodes stated, “This is important research that breaks new ground as it delves deeper into the lived experience of those who spend their working days and nights dealing with trauma…..embitterment, moral injury and burnout emerge as recurring themes. Claire’s book educates us in this regard and helps us to adopt a more compassionate approach.”

Lt Col (Retd) Richard Dorney MBE (MSc in War and Psychiatry, Kings College London) and TRiM trainer stated, “This is an important work that brings a great deal of clarity to the general subject of Moral Injury and PTED. I think this area is underestimated by most managers. Your book was coherent, logical and exceptionally well referenced. This book and the work you do is invaluable and very useful to those of us seeking a deeper understanding of MI.”

Rachel - The Police Treatment Centre & NHS Regional Military Veterans Complex Treatment Service, "Claire provides a detailed overview of trauma related constructs. Using her own research, she specifically looks at less traditional PTSD phenomenon such as Moral Injury and Post Traumatic Embitterment Disorder, providing links to contemporaneous theory and research. Claire's work is grounded with real life examples and tackles thorny issues like querulousness, covert retaliation and cynicism, showing clinically how these may be consequential to psychological injury/belief shattering experiences. Clinicians, front line service members and those in managerial and occupational support departments may find this book a thought provoking and useful point of reference."

Chief Superintendent Kim Madill stated, "Difficult read, challenges us to remove the stigma of mental health in the police service and prevent moral injury. ‘There should be no shame in psychological injury. It is a testament to an officers’ strength, commitment, compassion and sacrifice for others,’ I totally agree."


Janine Jury, Occupational Health Manager stated, "I and my team have read Duty of Care which is an uncomfortable read but truly heartfelt and insightful. A must for anyone interested in the health and wellbeing of officers and staff."


No Duff UK stated, "We think it gives the most realistic accounts of the experiences of a frontline cop struggling with trauma. We use it for our own counselling team to get an insight."


One anonymous book reviewer stated, "Frighteningly accurate."