Psychological injury in policing

My name is Claire Carter and I started Safe Horizon UK in 2014 as a direct response to complex PTSD and Anxiety disorder affecting my ex-husband and us as a family.  When we needed help and support most it was not to be found or offered.  


I found significant gaps in support were community - a community of people with shared experience of PTSD and mental ill health within a policing context,  support for family members, awareness of the warning signs and symptoms of trauma, acknowledgement of the condition within the Police Service and lack of appropriate response from the organization. 


Safe Horizon UK was set up to advocate for Officers on workplace issues such as long term absence, ill health retirement process, disability discrimination and return to work.  In addition to this, SHUK aims to provide relief from the symptoms of psychological injury through recovery activities and emotional support.



Safe Horizon UK 

C/O Jones Hunt & Keeling,

71 Knowl Piece,

Wilbury Way,

Hitchin, Herts