Claire is an experienced case worker and manager in domestic abuse. During her roles as an advocate in high risk cases she developed a voluntary male perpetrator programme, utilising a strengths-based model. Claire moved on to a frontline management position, supporting ex-offenders and domestic abuse victims.

Claire has been employed in frontline services in the care sector for over 30 years, since leaving school. Due to her former husbands' conditions of Complex PTSD, Anxiety, Depression and experiences as a serving British police officer; she further developed her skills and knowledge as an advocate. Claire identified a lack of support in the police service system, which she selflessly filled. She became the CEO and founder of Safe Horizon UK, a registered charity which was formed in order to help and support police officers and their families, in an unpaid voluntary role for the next five years. One of the many outcomes was the self-publishing of a book focusing on supporting others in the police family. This book, published in 2014, 'DUTY OF CARE' has been warmly welcomed by many worldwide.


Claire published OVERWHELMING INJUSTICE & POSTTRAUMATIC BLAME THEORY in 2020, exploring Posttraumatic Embitterment Disorder (PTED) and Moral Injury in Frontline services, which included military veterans, first responders and health care professionals. 


Dr Brian Seggie, medically retired Major in the British Army stated "This research is reliable and valid, in fact, it is extremely robust. There are significant observations and findings. This book adds real value." 

The impact of her former husbands' psychological injury, resulted in Claire experiencing homelessness and leaving her home with her three children in crisis, which is testament to all those who have to do the right thing during a very difficult period in their lives.